Network to Code is a boutique consultancy delivering technology services and training focused on emerging networking technologies. Network to Code firmly believes that the way networks are currently being built, managed, and operated has to change. We work on new and advanced technology platforms that are usually categorized as SDN, Network Virtualization, DevOps, Network Automation, and Open Networking with the goal of driving down our customers Operational Costs.

Network to Code was founded in mid 2014 by Jason Edelman.  Edelman has the traditional network background like many others including holding CCIE 15394 and most recently VCDX-NV 167.  After being exposed to modern DevOps tooling, device APIs, and controller networking several years ago, it was obvious the future is bright for networking.  Edelman started Network to Code with the goal of providing high value, professional and educational, services to vendors, integrators, and end users looking to gain better control of their networks.