Princeton University Case Study


How Princeton University reduced building upgrade time to 3 minutes with network automation

November 25, 2020


Princeton had 25 distributed buildings connected to different core sites that required infrastructure upgrades with an aggressive six-week deadline. In addition, the buildings required new IP schematics and naming conventions for their network devices and all records within Infoblox and NetBox. During the Network to Code-led discovery session with the Princeton team, it was found that each building took approximately 5-10 hours to upgrade. Additionally, this time-consuming process pulled the team away from day-to-day operational tasks.


Network to Code partnered with Princeton University and began with an assessment analyzing existing processes, workflows, and tooling, leading to a recommended course of action to establish a core network automation platform that will act as the foundation for this project and future automation projects. The Network to Code team documented each discussion and formalized a strategic plan, identifying tools of choice to take all technical data and business policies to manage the workflow of tasks.


By leveraging Infrastructure as Code concepts, tooling, and integration to existing commercial tools, Network to Code was able to deploy a network automation solution that drastically reduced upgrade time and human error. The time it takes to complete building upgrades dropped from 5-10 hours per individual building to approximately 3 minutes per building, allowing Princeton to upgrade all 25 buildings in 45 minutes. Additionally, Princeton was also able to send 10 IT professionals through the Network to Code flagship networking automation training course, Network Programming & Automation, providing a foundation for network automation and enabling them to continue automating everyday tasks


Princeton University is an Ivy League University in Princeton, New Jersey. Founded in 1746, Princeton University is the fourth-oldest institution of higher education in the United States and one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution.


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“NTC was instrumental to our success in automating building upgrades on our campus”

Joseph Karam, Princeton University
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