Golden Configuration

Automate configuration backups, perform configuration compliance, and generate intended configurations.

The Nautobot golden configuration app is designed to let users know how compliant their network is and if their golden configurations that are generated from the rich data already stored in Nautobot are being implemented properly across the network. The GC app has three inputs including a git repository that has configuration backups, a git repository that has Jinja templates that define the golden configuration, and a set of rules to define what compliance is for each environment. GC is able to generate network configuration files using its local data and Jinja templates and then compare the rendered configuration with the backup configuration to determine the compliance of each device. Optionally, GC can perform automated backups with Nornir if there isn’t an existing repository that already has them in the users environment. While the goal of GC is to perform compliance, it is possible to use the automated backup feature and/or the configuration generation feature independently and without actually performing compliance.

Release Date: February 24, 2021 Github URL:


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