Strategic Architecture & Design


Having a well-defined strategy is critical to the success of your network automation initiatives.

Network to Code’s breadth and depth of real-world production network automation experience allows us to provide our clients with strategic architectural design, and as a result, a prioritized backlog of optimized workflows to accelerate time to value back to the business.

Strategic Architecture Design and Analysis (SADA)

Through a series of interviews and discussions across key stakeholders and users, including network engineering and operations teams, InfoSec and cyber security teams, help desk, DevOps, and leadership, our consultants assess your readiness and develop a plan to propel your network automation journey forward.

We’ll lay out the quick wins to get started, along with a long-term strategic roadmap that applies best practices and principles of a proper network automation platform, with recommended tools, integration points, consumption models, deployment strategy, timelines, resources, and enablement planning.

Strategic Workflow Analysis

Network workflows go well beyond a single task. They typically start with those who consume the network, continue through a change request and a change management process, and conclude with manual testing and validation. Along the way are various processes, human interactions, tools, and technologies that have become dreadfully slow and tedious, even for the most basic request.

Our consultants perform a deep dive analysis of your existing workflows, identifying every step in the process, and determine how to optimize these workflows with automation.

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