Nautobot is a Network Source of Truth that is the foundation required for successful Enterprise Network Automation.

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Your Network Automation Strategy Begins with Data.

Your data strategy needs to account for multiple sources of network data. Having a Single Source of Truth should unify data sources and simplify your data-driven network automation journey. Data-driven network automation with Nautobot offers superior flexibility, extensibility and control catering to any network design.

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Nautobot Use Cases

Flexible deployment options accelerate network automation.

Nautobot allows you to model your network and store network data to drive network automation with the intended state in mind. Nautobot has opinionated data models, but offers flexibility to cater to your specific network designs. Nautobot enables strict adherence to data standards allowing users to define business rules on the network data that is stored within Nautobot. Nautobot is built with network automation in mind offering everything from RESTful (HTTP) and GraphQL APIs to event-driven webhooks and native Git integration to seamlessly load YAML data and scripts directly into Nautobot while maintaining your NetDevOps workflows.

Nautobot is a Network Automation Platform that provides a robust developer API that enables the creation of Nautobot Apps to further drive network automation built directly atop the Source of Truth. There are already dozens of existing open source Nautobot Apps from Network to Code built to solve the most common network challenges from automated backups and config compliance to managing the lifecycle (EOS/EOL) of devices and modeling your multi-vendor firewall policies. Nautobot Apps can be as lightweight or as robust as needed to help drive network automation. From new Nautobot models required for your network design to new network automation applications, Nautobot Apps give you control of your network automation journey. Using Nautobot as an Automation Platform, organizations can deliver tailored network automation extensions and applications 70% faster.

Nautobot Enables Data-Driven Network Automation

Why Deploy a Network Source of Truth?

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Enables data-driven network automation

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Enables vendor-agnostic network automation

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Enables cross-domain network automation from traditional networks to cloud and SDN

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Allows engineers to focus on intended state network designs

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Provides data governance and management of network assets and data

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Provides traceability and history of network data

If all of an organization’s data is accessible from a Source of Truth (SoT), there is the opportunity to not only drive network automation, but also perform richer capacity planning, trending, and business impact analysis.


Model Your Network with Nautobot

The following provides a glimpse into just a subset of what Nautobot can model helping you define the intended state of your network.

Network Inventory

IP Addresses

Network Hardware


Network Topology

BGP ASNs and Peering

Rack Elevations

Circuits & Circuit Notifications

EOS/EOL Device Lifecycle Data

Firewall Objects, Zones, and Policies

You can also add any YAML configuration data coupled with JSONSchema definitions to cater to any network design.

Nautobot Extensibility Drives Maximum Flexibility

The flexibility of Nautobot is what makes it possible to model any network, from on-prem and traditional networks to SDN and Cloud. The following features are what allow this flexibility.
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Data Validation

Codify business rules to ensure there is nothing but high-quality data in Nautobot

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User-Defined Relationships

Create the data relationships you need between existing data models ensuring you can model your network design.

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Custom Fields

Augment existing data models through custom fields on any object.

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Computed Fields

Augment existing data models by dynamically aggregating existing data to create a new custom field on any object

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Dynamic Groups

Dynamically create groups of devices based on device attributes simplying everything from reports to automation.

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Custom Statuses

Define the statuses of any object that make sense for your network and for your organization.

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Native Git Integration

Seamlessly integrate Git repositories into Nautobot to streamline managing Config Contexts, Jobs, and Export Templates.

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Dynamically generate self-service forms and execute Python-based network automation scripts right from the UI or an API.

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Trigger a Nautobot Job based on create, update, and delete operations to your data.

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Easily fetch the exact data you desire across data models with a single API call.

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Trigger an outbound HTTP API call based on create, update, and delete operations to your data.

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App Developer API

Add custom models, UI pages, and APIs catering to your specific SoT and network automation requirements.

Nautobot Apps & Ecosystem Integrations

The following provides a glimpse into just a subset of what Nautobot can model helping you define the intended state of your network.

Ecosystem Integrations

Transform with Nautobot Powered Data-Driven Network Automation

As a Network Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform built for NetDevOps workflows, Nautobot transforms how you manage the intent of your network. It provides the foundation required for ensuring successful data-driven network automation.

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Nautobot Roadmap

Nautobot continues to set the bar as the leading enterprise Network Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform. Recognized by Gartner as a Representative Vendor for Network Automation Platforms in its 2023 Market Guide, Nautobot is the only platform that includes a Network Source of Truth. Stay up to date by exploring our latest Milestones and Projects on GitHub.

Device Modules

Model device line cards and their relationship with interfaces and modules within a device. This feature enhances the modeling of components and subcomponents using a tree structure for chassis-based systems

Cloud Models

Model cloud assets directly within Nautobot. This feature enables the modeling of cloud connectivity and its relationship to hosted applications in a cloud environment.

Data Ownership & Provenance (Phase 2)

Phase 2 introduces new relationship metadata for each data element, allowing tracking of data ownership, origin system, and last sync time. It also addresses enterprise data governance requirements for data classification, risk, and attestation.

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