Workflow Automation

Eliminate The Repetitive Manual Tasks That Are Bogging Your Network Teams Down

We craft solutions using vendor APIs, commercial tools, open source and a NetDevOps philosophy to automate your everyday workflows such as:

  • Switchport Configurations
  • Site Deployments
  • Firewall Rule Policy Updates
  • Incident Ticket Triage and Remediation
  • Mass Configuration Changes
  • Pre/Post Change State Validation
  • Operating Systems Updates
  • Device Lifecycle Tracking (Licenses, EOS, EOL & more)
  • Carrier Interactions (Maintenance Notifications & Failovers)
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Config Management

Know Guarantee The State Of Your Network Configurations

Networks are spotted by configuration anomalies that often go undetected until they cause a failure. The causes are many and the impact is often severe. Unfortunately, no manual effort is sufficiently regular to mitigate the consequences.

Network to Code has developed a number of solutions to navigate these challenges with a renewed clarity that invites reliability, resiliency, and security. By defining the intended state of the network and assisting administrators in remediating non-compliance, new standards are set.

Our solutions for Configuration Management include Golden Configuration Compliance, Configuration Remediation, Pre/Post Change State Validation, Mass Config Changes, Common Config Changes and NetDevOps CI pipelines just to name a few!

Make a choice to mitigate the unnecessary outages which lead to revenue loss. Avoid wasting resources remediating and documenting these types of outages. Maintain your organization’s reputation as a partner who services your clients can depend on.

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Four Components, One Solution

Networks are saturated with configuration anomalies that often go undetected until they cause a failure.

Source Of Truth Aggregation

  • Source authoritative data from multiple locations such as ServiceNow, Infoblox and Nautobot.
  • Data is normalized and used to build device profiles

Backup Configurations

  • Used as a basis for comparison to intended state
  • Leverage an existing solution (Rancid, Ansible, Oxidized, etc) or the Nautobot Platform

Intended Configurations

  • Generated leveraging Jinja templates and device profile
  • Dynamic with high levels of granularity

Configuration Compliance Engine

  • Scheduled comparison of network to intended state
  • Administrators are alerted to deviations
  • Single touch or zero touch resolutions are possible

Network Planning & Design

A Better Approach to Network Planning & Design

With new technologies, vendors, products, and platforms being introduced at a rapid pace, maintaining an organized network has become increasingly difficult.

Network to Code’s vendor agnostic, open, and extensible solutions ensure maximum flexibility for even the most advanced enterprise networks.

Accelerate planning, minimize maintenance windows, collapse deployment timelines.

ntc img Network Source Of Truth Deployment

A pillar for any data-driven network automation architecture.  Providing accurate data in an accessible manner is the foundation for an intent based network. Built as an open source platform for a high degree of extensibility and flexibility.

ntc img Device Lifecycle Management

Track product lifecycle dates across your network on every device. Include information such as end of support & end of sale dates, contracts, license expiration dates along with hardware notices and documentation.

ntc img Greenfield Builder

Quickly and easily deploy new devices, racks and sites. Leverage templates for deployments and populate with information from the source of truth. Reducing planning timelines, expediting quality assurance testing and minimizing human involvement.

ntc img Tech Refresh Accelerator

Transition to new technologies, platforms and vendors at scale with 10x greater efficiency. Apply network attributes from the previous solution to build the new solutions.  Extensive validation testing is provided to ensure the new solution is operating as expected.

Network Operations

Don’t let mundane, routine network operations tasks bog your team down

At scale, tens of thousands of hours are spent each year just to “keep the lights on”. Data-driven network automation and NetDevOps offer an alternative.

Perform the mundane and routine tasks with intelligent systems that execute faster and without error, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, reduced backlogs, and improved process adherence.

Handle incidents without human intervention.

Automated Incident Resolution

Execute diagnostic and remedial routines via intelligent workflows that guarantee adherence to business processes.  ITSM integrations handle ticket updates, state transitions, cause codes and resolution codes.  Close several thousand tickets at scale each month without human intervention.

Circuit Maintenance Management

Manage incoming circuit maintenance notifications. Initializing when an email is received, the solution logs the maintenance notification, suspends monitoring accordingly, and handles the circuit failover activities before and after the maintenance event.

Operating System Upgrades

Stop performing upgrades manually. Multi-vendor OS upgrades enable administrators to reduce timelines to upgrade by approximately 75%.  Pre and post tests minimize operational risks by identifying potential dangers before the upgrade and ensuring its success afterwards.


Make network information easier to consume and management tasks more accessible. Information retrieval extends beyond Nautobot to include several other platforms such as Ansible. Conversational interactive prompts assist users in retrieving information, enabling even non-technical users to leverage the solution.

Cloud Networking

Adopt a network automation approach that is sustainable for any physical, virtual and cloud networks.

Multi-Cloud Network Source of Truth

Using a Single Source of Truth approach to automation, ensure there is a holistic approach to powering network automation from on-prem to hybrid to multi-cloud.

Infrastructure as Code

Terraform and Ansible continue to grow in adoption from native cloud to cloud networks. Ensure you have a consistent tool chain across your networks powered by Version Control, CI/CD and the automation tools that make sense for your cloud infrastructure.

Automated Provisioning & Config Management

It is imperative that you have cloud operational models for your cloud networks. Whether using Infrastructure as Code or Self-Service portal, cloud networks need to be provisioned and configured through automation. 

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