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A well-defined strategy is critical to the success of your network automation initiatives. Network to Code’s extensive network automation experience allows us to provide our clients with the strategy, architecture, and design required to successfully deploy and adopt network automation in even the most advanced production networks.

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Charting A Path To Network Automation Excellence

We work with your teams to gain an understanding of the desired business and technology outcomes, learn your existing culture, processes and technology, and craft a long-term strategic roadmap that serves as your path to automated network operations.





  • Identify data stores and mgmt policies
  • Catalog workflows (manual & automated)
  • Identify preferred user interactions (Chat, ServiceNow)
  • Propose NetDevOps standards and best practices
  • Identify gaps & challenges
  • Propose a 3-year design & roadmap
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Our Findings Span People, Process And Technology

Automation Platform Analysis

Source of Truth

Configuration Management

Device Inventory

Automated Testing & Verification

Organization/Team structure

Tasks/Use Case Discovery

Process and Governance

Automation Opportunities

Deployment Strategy

Version Control

Workflow Optimization


Standards and Best Practices

Monitoring, Telemetry & Analytics

Business Application Integration

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