Nautobot ChatOps

Adds a chatbot to Nautobot so you can easily get data from Nautobot directly from chat.

The ChatOps app is a first multi-platform chatbot for network operations and engineering teams. It is built to seamlessly work across Slack, MS Teams, WebEx Teams, and Mattermost. This app makes it easy to get data out of Nautobot. It allows users to “chat with Nautobot” checking to see inventory, rack capacity, interface connections, or which circuits are at a given site just to name a few of the built-in commands. The app is designed for extensibility, allowing a developer to easily add more chat platforms in the future as well as define additional chat commands to communicate with any other IT system or device type. This app is also a framework and dependency for using the other chat apps.

You can try this chatbot out by joining NTC Slack and going to the #nautobot-chat channel.

Release Date: February 24, 2021 Github URL:


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