ChatOps for Network Engineers

ChatOps for Network Engineers

June 30, 2022

This session covers the what, why, and how of network-centric ChatOps.  You’ll get to see a live demo of how to build a custom chatbot to enable yourself and other teams to perform common network tasks directly from chat platforms like Teams, Slack, Webex, and Mattermost. Imagine bouncing a port, retrieving interface stats, checking the health of your network, or changing a VLAN directly from chat! This is all possible with Nautobot ChatOps. Join the webinar to learn more!

  • ChatOps Overview
  • Why ChatOps for Network Automation
  • Demo #1 – Using ChatOps to Perform Common Network Tasks
  • Nautobot ChatOps Architecture
  • Demo #2 Live Python Hands-On Demo Building a new chatbot


Matt Vitale

Senior Network Automation Consultant (Network to Code)

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