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Getting Started with Network Automation

Ready to start your network automation journey?

The network industry is in the midst of change, and one part of that change is the operational models and technologies used to manage and operate networks daily. As we advance, we are starting to see more open and programmable network devices emerge – and we are seeing these network devices integrated with existing DevOps automation tools.

Package I covers the skills needed to take advantage of these modern network devices. Assuming no programming knowledge, we start from scratch, with raw concepts and technologies focusing on Python, then move to automating network devices with Ansible. This package is your team’s jumpstart to a greater network automation journey.

Upon completion of this package, the students should be prepared to:

Understand fundamental Python programming concepts and how to apply them to building scripts that automate manual network management tasks

Apply automation skills with Ansible to create and deploy reusable Playbooks specific to network automation

Understand the benefits of, and work with structured data such as JSON and YAML in a network automation context


Networking concepts

Using a text editor such as VSCode, Sublime Text, or vim

Navigating the Linux filesystem (creating and viewing files, navigating directories)

Knowing how to SSH to a network device from Linux

Examples of tasks that engineers will be able to complete include:

rapid data collection from the network (across multiple vendor platforms)

configuration updates pushed to numerous devices via automation

collect and build a standardized configuration template using Jinja2 templates

implement network device configuration backups

create reports from operational data gathered from the network

interact with network device HTTP based APIs for configuration or state data

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