Package IV


Explore the possibilities of Nautobot as your Source of Truth with our in-depth Nautobot workshops.

Choose 4-7 days of All Things Nautobot! Understand what a Source of Truth is, the types of data that can be stored in a Source of Truth, and its role within a network automation platform.

Create Nautobot Jobs to gain insight into the data in Nautobot and perform basic network automation tasks.

Learn how to use Python to make REST API calls to Nautobot and navigate the REST API and GraphQL using the built-in browsers. Create Ansible playbook(s) that fetch data from Nautobot and use that data to configure network devices. Then, dive even deeper to create your own Nautobot apps.

Build Apps that create custom views, templates, and APIs, one that only adds content (using existing data) to an existing page, and one that distributes a Nautobot Job.

Package Overview:

Over the past few decades, network teams focused on only collecting the observed and real-time state of the network, often referring to it as the truth. However, as the industry has evolved and network automation continues to dominate network management and operations, there is a growing need to deploy a Network Source of Truth. A Network Source of Truth allows organizations to define the intended state of the network, which is then subsequently used to drive network automation and change in the environment.

Nautobot is an open source Source of Truth (SoT) application for network environments that helps define what should be both from a physical and logical perspective including defining sites, regions, racks, rack elevations, device types, and also configuration data. As a central component of a Network Automation Platform, it serves as a Source of Truth and includes a device inventory and configuration data that represents the intended state of the network versus the operational state of the network.

Package IV begins with an in-depth 2-day introduction to Nautobot and how the application can be leveraged to define your network’s intended state. Then, in a 1-day workshop on Nautobot Extensibility, students will learn how Nautobot extensibility features can be used to tailor the application to integrate into almost any environment. The fourth day, Automating Nautobot with Python and Ansible, dives deeper into the integral role Nautobot plays within the network automation journey, focusing on the Nautobot APIs and how to consume them (REST API, GraphQL API, pynautobot, others). The final three days introduce how Nautobot Apps extend the existing functionality of Nautobot. Students will possess the knowledge and skills to write their own application (plugin) to extend Nautobot functionality. The plugins bootcamp is an optional add-on for advanced engineers only (Django experience is required).


Package I

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Source of Truth and Nautobot Fundamentals (2-day workshop)

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Nautobot Extensibility (1-day workshop)

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Automating Nautobot with Python and Ansible (1-day workshop)

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Creating Nautobot Apps (plugins) (optional add-on, 3-day advanced bootcamp)

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