Creating a Single Source of Truth for Enterprise Network Automation

Creating a Single Source of Truth for Enterprise Network Automation

November 29, 2022

Network Automation continues to grow by companies independent of size or vertical. However, larger Enterprise organizations have significant more challenges as it comes to managing the data that ultimately drives network automation. This includes everything from inventory, VLAN IDs, and IP Addresses to BGP ASNs and Firewall Policies. In large organizations, there is not one data owner. There are different teams and tools that need to be integrated to generate the intended configured state of the network.

This webinar provides an overview of Nautobot Single Source of Truth (SSoT), which is an application framework built on top of Nautobot to simplify integrating distributed data sources.  Nautobot SSoT unifies data sources, exposes them centrally through REST and GraphQL APIs and allows data owners to remain in control of their own data. Join this webinar to learn more about Nautobot SSoT and how it can integrate with common data sources such as IPAM (Infoblox), circuit databases, ITSM and CMDBs (e.g. ServiceNow) as well as network controller platforms like Arista CloudVision, Cisco ACI, VMware NSX, and many more.

  • Current State of Enterprise Network Automation 
  • Enterprise Data Management & Governance
  • Introduction to Nautobot SSoT
  • Existing Nautobot SSoT Integrations 
  • Nautobot SSoT Demos 
  • What’s next for NTC in Data Management


John Anderson

Principal Consultant & Nautobot Product Owner (Network to Code)

Christian Adell

Principal Architect (Network to Code)

Tim Schreyack

Director of Sales Engineering(Network to Code)

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