Nautobot Monthly

Simplify and Automate Data Center Floor Plans and Rack Layouts with Nautobot

Nautobot Monthly: Simplify and Automate Data Center Floor Plans and Rack Layouts with Nautobot

August 31, 2023

Introducing the Nautobot Floor Plan App for Intuitive Visualization and Planning

Discover the future of network management and spatial optimization in this Nautobot Monthly webinar. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing disparate data systems and the challenges of visualizing the relationships within your network infrastructure. In this webinar, we give you an exclusive introduction to the Nautobot Floor Plan Application, the latest addition to the Nautobot App Ecosystem. Nautobot’s Floor Plan Application significantly changes how organizations map, strategize, and use their physical spaces within data centers and colocation facilities. Nautobot Floor Plan empowers teams to gain immense network insights and plan their physical spaces in Nautobot.

The app transcends simple diagrams, enabling swift modeling of the physical space and quick navigation to other related data, such as power utilization in a given rack or a specific device model in a specific rack unit. Furthermore, Nautobot’s automation features, such as robust RESTful APIs and GraphQL interface, allow for immersive programmatic integration with an organization’s automation infrastructure. This allows teams to build towards fully automating space and power planning workflows, including tasks like executing space and power reports for specific pods, rows, and racks.

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