Nautobot Monthly: The Key to Clean Data for Network Automation

Nautobot Monthly: Unifying Inventory and Visibility Across Cisco SDN Platforms with Nautobot

June 28, 2023

Gain a comprehensive view of your entire network infrastructure and streamline operations with Nautobot’s Cisco SDN Integration
In today’s complex world of network management, your data strategy needs to account for multiple sources of network data. While controllers have undoubtedly improved network reliability and management, they have also introduced their fair share of challenges. As networks expand, issues of controller sprawl begin to emerge. This lack of visibility complicates every aspect of network management, from addressing incidents to implementing changes.

In this webinar, you will learn how Nautobot’s Cisco SDN integrations bring together the power of Nautobot’s comprehensive network management capabilities with the versatility and scale of Cisco’s SDN solutions, including Meraki, Viptela SD-WAN, DNA Center, and ACI, providing a holistic view of your entire SDN network environment from a single, unified screen. This integration solves the challenges posed by multi-domain networks, enabling network administrators to gain a comprehensive view of their entire network infrastructure and streamline operations. By employing a data-centric approach coupled with a DevOps automation environment, Nautobot enables the execution of workflows that were previously arduous or even impossible to create.

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