Nautobot Navigators Series – Part 1

Getting Started With Nautobot: Navigating Network Challenges

Nautobot Navigators Series – Part 1: Getting Started With Nautobot: Navigating Network Challenges

March 28, 2024

As networks evolve, new challenges of scale, complexity, security, and skill acquisition emerge. Luckily, Nautobot has arrived to help deal with these challenges. Let’s consider a few of the advantages Nautobot, a Network Source of Truth and Automation platform, offers:

  • Nautobot simplifies network management by offering a unified approach to documenting and managing vendor-diverse environments.
  • Nautobot enables the creation of an intended-state network model with a data-driven approach to automation that unlocks immense new potential. Some key advantages include maintaining device and policy standards throughout the network, generating new network segments, racks, and devices programmatically, and providing the data necessary to identify and control configuration drift.
  • Nautobot frees engineering teams to focus on higher-value work by liberating them from routine and mundane tasks with automation.
  • Nautobot improves security and compliance by maintaining meticulous configuration and software standards throughout your organization, reducing the network’s attack surface and downtime.

Tune in to discover why intent-based network management with Nautobot can address your organization’s most pressing needs. We’ll equip you with the basics of using Nautobot to deliver a more resilient, highly efficient, and secure network.

Be sure to watch the guided sandbox companion video for this webinar! Nautobot Navigators: Guided Sandbox Video (link: )

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