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Nautobot Project

The Nautobot project offers a public community-driven roadmap. It aggregates key initiatives in several different areas: core development, plugins, integrations, documentation, events, and blogs. We do NOT commit to delivery dates as each initiative depends on contributions, but we do strive for quarterly releases. Our estimated milestone dates are documented as GitHub milestones. Anyone is welcome to participate and help to deliver the initiatives below!

Several weeks before the next release, the Future column is refined pulling items into Near Term. Near Term work is work targeted for one of the next two releases. Future work is targeted at 3+ releases away and Released shows key features that were released within the past 6 months.

See Contributing to Nautobot for more information.

Nautobot Roadmap

This curriculum library contains overviews, objectives, and outlines of all Bootcamps, Workshops, and Bite-Sized Learning offerings from Network to Code. Use the buttons to navigate to the curriculum section you would like to explore!

Improved UX & Design

Overhaul of the UI offering a modern Enterprise user-experience and lays the foundation for an enhanced UX.

Enhanced Jobs

Chain Jobs together to create orchestrated workflows, improved Job logging, and support for Job cancellations.

Enhanced IPAM Data Models and Performance

Support for simplified data models, overlapping IP space, and improved IPAM performance.

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Nautobot Roadmap
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