Network Security Verification with Batfish

Network Security Verification with Batfish

August 18, 2022

Managing firewall policies and ACLs is not an easy feat. Most organizations have dedicated individuals or teams that focus on managing firewall policies along with ACLs that span a fleet of routers and switches. While many organizations are focused on automating the configuration of policies, there is a great gap in cleaning up unused and old policies.

In this webinar, you will learn about an open source project called Batfish and how it can be used to automate the clean-up process of your firewall policies!

  • Existing State of Security Operations
  • Introduction to Batfish
  • Getting Started with Batfish
  • Using Batfish to Analyze Firewall Policies and ACLs


Jeff Kala

Senior Architect (Network to Code)

Ken Celenza

VP Professional Services (Network to Code)

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