Network Telemetry & Analytics

As you start introducing automation into your environment, the need for visibility becomes even more critical.

Network visibility is critical to any event-driven, closed loop intent-based network. Network to Code’s network telemetry and analytics solutions apply modern data management and enrichment techniques for deeper insight into the state of the network, well beyond traditional monitoring and polling.

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Intent-based Networking

Intent-based network automation solutions rely on closed-loop systems. Closed-loop systems must have mechanisms to collect any piece of data from network devices and controllers while allowing users to enrich that data, allowing decisions to be made to act on or react to events on the network.

Telemetry Streaming

Replace SNMP with a model driven interface that will let you extract more granular information from your network devices. Telemetry streaming also opens the door to new use cases around event driven automation and auto-remediation.

Monitoring and Alerting

Leverage the power of a whole new generation of monitoring tools tightly integrated into your automation platform to reduce time to respond, react, and remediate.

Custom monitoring and alerting solutions can generate the right actionable alerts specific to your environment and allow you to identify and solve issues before they impact the quality of your service.

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