Self Service

Today’s consumers of network information should have fast and easy access to the data they need to do their jobs.

Network engineering teams are often bogged down with requests for basic network data from developers, help desks, lifecycle management, and other teams. Time spent addressing these requests can significantly cause delays in project delivery, troubleshooting, and create distractions from more strategic and time sensitive initiatives.

Providing secure, self-service access to common network information via chat, custom web forms, or ITSM integrations eliminates the delays and distractions associated with sifting through various spreadsheets, logging into devices, and human interaction.

ITSM-Driven Network Operations

Integrate ITSM platforms, such as ServiceNow, to automate common change requests while auto-generating ticket creation, updates, and close-out providing the necessary audit trails and governance your organization requires.

ChatOps for Network Automation

Imagine being able to receive an alert directly in chat. Imagine being able to enable other teams to get data they need with ease or make authorized changes directly from chat. Whether it be for the network team, the systems team, developers requesting network resources, or the service desk who just needs to bounce a port. It’s possible to query CMDBs, IPAMs, flow collectors, any device or controller, or any cloud-service to operate the network directly from chat.

Network to Code’s ChatOps solutions are multi-platform (Slack, MS Teams, Webex Teams, etc.) and integrate with any device or any tool for both read-only and read-write automation lowering the barrier for consumption of network automation.

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