Simplify Network Automation with Nautobot Jobs

Simplify Network Automation with Nautobot Jobs

October 6, 2022

At some point, every organization on their network automation journey ends up with script-sprawl. This is when every person or every team gets excited after learning some Python! However, in an Enterprise environment, controls are needed, and moreover, there is a great need to execute those scripts well beyond using the Python shell. Being able to execute scripts directly from a self-service form or an API greatly increases the odds of empowering other teams to take advantage of the automation.

In this webinar, you will learn how you can easily enable self-service and API access to any Python script with Nautobot Jobs. You’ll get to see how to update an existing script, so it’s usable by Nautobot (including how to schedule and approve Jobs), but also how to properly version control your Jobs in Git too so everyone can collaborate and contribute across your team.

  • Day in the Life of Getting Started with Network Automation
  • Introduction to Nautobot Jobs
  • Diving into Jobs with Schedules, Approvals, and JobHooks
  • Nautobot Jobs Demos


John Anderson

Principal Consultant & Nautobot Product Owner (Network to Code)

Jeremy White

Principal Developer Advocate (Network to Code)

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