Using Batfish for Network & Routing Verification

Using Batfish for Network & Routing Verification

September 13, 2022

As NetDevOps continues to take shape, one of the areas that needs more attention is around pre-change analysis and verification. Everyone talks about CI/CD pipelines for systems and applications, but what does that look like for the network?  This session provides an introduction to how Batfish can be used to ensure safe changes for the network and used within a network automation pipeline. You’ll get to see how to perform routing verification checks, but also how you can start to create your own checks with Batfish.

  • Understanding Network Change Management
  • Introduction to Batfish
  • Getting Started with Batfish
  • Analyzing Routing Protocols with Batfish
  • Creating Custom Queries with Batfish


Jeff Kala

Senior Architect (Network to Code)

Ken Celenza

VP Professional Services (Network to Code)

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