Jeff Bradbury

Jeff Bradbury has over 20 years’ experience in demanding and progressively challenging management positions, and over 15 years focusing exclusively on Marketing and Sales excellence. With an extensive background as a marketing executive, Jeff has successfully led a variety of technology companies through critical high-growth phases. As the Vice President of Marketing for Network to Code, Jeff spearheads strategic growth initiatives, shapes market positioning, and fosters customer engagement. His efforts guide clients into and through their network automation journeys.

Jeff Bradbury previously held executive marketing positions at several companies, including ALL.SPACE, Hughes Network Systems, B.E. Meyers, and Fortress Technologies. While at Hughes, Jeff oversaw the creation of the marketing team and launch of their SD-WAN portfolio. And while at Fortress Technologies he drove the market expansion and growth strategy that saw Fortress Technologies more than double in size and led to its acquisition by General Dynamics. Jeff holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy

Brad Haas

Over the past two decades, Brad has delivered leading-edge technology solutions, cultivating a career rooted in innovation and growth. His journey is marked by a blend of deep technical expertise and the leadership of high-performing teams navigating complex, high-profile customer engagements. At Network to Code, as a leader of professional services, Brad leverages this legacy of excellence, fostering an environment where pioneering ideas transform into reality.

Peter Allocca

Peter has over 20 years of networking and infrastructure engineering experience working in large enterprises. While never shy from a whiteboard, Peter loves architecting solutions across technology domains and managing communication with senior stakeholders. Before joining Network to Code, Peter was at McKinsey & Company serving as a Senior Enterprise Architect where he managed the Network Automation, Application Delivery, and Identity and Access Management teams. Peter holds a BE in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University.